Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Hello world,

India is by far an experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. The food, people and environment are of some other spiritual matter. I grew up there and knew the country like a local. There are so many funny stories I could tell you of the country, but for now I think I should tell you the best places to go and well if you are going to India, Goa must be on top of your to go list. The beaches are so much fun. Crystal clear waters, little straw shacks, lots of hippies and even cows!! Everything there is dirt-cheap and I mean that literally. Some small items wouldn’t even cost you a penny. There are food places all over the place so make sure to try Goan Fish curry and Goan Prawn curry, these two are by far the best curries that I have ever eaten in my life. The fish curry doesn’t look like a curry you have ever seen before as they have delicious fresh fish coated in Indian butter/oil and fried with white rice, chutney to make beautiful tasting curry.
The markets in Goa are so much fun because they are full of energy and craziness. One of the main and most known markets is called Mapsa Market and it is a must if you ever go to Goa. They sell everything from animals such as dogs, cats, bunnies, etc… to live stock like chickens to very fresh fish (alive) to toys, teddy bears, books, vegetables, electronics, beauty products, shoes, cloths, alcohol, cigarettes and cigars. Its a very interesting place.
Goa is full of beautiful architecture as it was colonised by the Portuguese. You should make sure to go visit some of their churches. Also get yourself down to some of Goa’s local beach parties and raves, if your into that kind of stuff. They are pumping with expats and hippies, but alot of fun.
Life in India is something else, the poverty in the cities is devastating as you see young children carrying babies begging for your money looking completely filthy, helpless and out of it. It makes you realise how lucky you really are. 

The Indian’s worship cows as they are seen as a God, therefore if you are seen or heard of killing a cow you will be sentenced to a 20 year prison sentence in some of the worlds most horrible prisons. The taxi’s in India are known as ambassadors and are big white old-fashioned English cars. They are such great cars to be driving around India in and you feel somewhat stylish. There is a small city in India that was colonised by the French and now looks like a mini version of Paris with little bakery shops on every corner and a river running through it, people there seem to ride bicycles everywhere, however it is still as polluted as the rest of India, funnily enough. Pondicherry it is called and it also has a great Osho centre (Indian spiritualist).You can get an Ambassador straight up to a very wonderful area called Tiru-vanamali to escape the big, bustling city which is famous for its spiritualism and temples. that should be visited along with brilliant horse riding ranches if you are interested in horse riding.
India is known for its well known medical care so if you ever have any health problems you know where to go and that you will be in good hands. Bangalore has one of the best hospitals in India. 
Me as a child in India.

I hope I have inspired you to book a flight and go on your own adventure,


Monday, 8 February 2016


Hey world,

So I thought I would start with South East Asia as its the freshest in my memory. What better place to start with than Thailand!

So I set off with my lovely boyfriend for a three month trip around SE Asia and our first stop was Thailand. We started off in the crazy city that is Bangkok then onto the temple city of Chiang Mai then the wonderful Pai and the final destination, Koh Lanta. 

Because I had been to Asia previously I wasn't so nervous about the culture shock, different food tastes and that sort of thing. But when we arrived at BKK there was a food hall to the left and we were so hungry we ran in to try and get some food and as we walked through the door this smell of rancid fish and rotten eggs filled out nostrils and we both looked at each other and just carried on because we were so hungry. We ended up not getting anything because all they had to offer were pink and green eggs and a very suspicious looking animal. Normally Im not fussy with food but I'm guessing this was a VERY acquired taste. Would somebody please care to explain to me what these colourful eggs are because after the whole three months I still do not have a clue. We ended up crashing at the hotel for about 12 hours and waking up at midnight absolutely starving, so we wandered to find some food and ended up finding this cute little place on the side of the street and paid about 200THB which is about 4 pounds for both us. I don't have a lot to say about Bangkok as I was so jet lagged for the whole time and we didn't actually spend a lot of time there so the whole thing is kind of a blur. Im sure Mia has a lot more interesting things for you.

  Moving onto Chiang Mai, I loved this place. Busy but so pretty and peaceful at the same time. We stayed at this lovely hostel called 'The living place 2' I would highly recommend it. The owner was so friendly, arranged everything for us and made the best muesli I have ever had in my life.
This is where we got our first mop-ed, eeek! After a few hours of my boyfriend convincing me we were not going to die, I hopped on the back and off we went to explore the city. My favourite temple was Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. It really is a sight to see, that is if you are still alive from the hundreds of steps you have just dragged yourself up. I think it cost about 400THB each which cut quite a bit into our budget for the day, but it really was worth it. The little temple girls are so sweet aswell, that is until after you have taken the picture and then suddenly there basically jumping you for money. Iv left a little picture of the temple girls. We also went to see the Longneck hill tribe, which is fascinating and a bit freaky. But sadly its most of there money is bought in by tourists like myself so if you decide not to buy anything from any of there stools, they suddenly are not so friendly and keen on photos anymore.

Now onto my absolute favourite place, Pai! This is my happy place. You get a mini bus from Chiang Mai (some people dared to do it on motorbikes) and its about three hours of zig zag roads into a mountain. I managed not to be sick or not to have a panic attack that we were basically in the clouds, in the mini bus going a bit too far on the edge of a mountain for my liking. But of course, we arrived safely. The whole place is like a festival. Everyone is so friendly and the food, oh dear lord the food was amazing. If you do go to Pai you have to try the stall with the chicken dumplings. You will never want to eat anything else and for 100THB for 6, is there anything really wrong with that? On our first night out we went to this 'full moon party', hmm basically a load of expats dancing to trance completely off their tits. It was an experience but not for me. The next night was one to remember. We met a guy called pong at 'Why Not Nar' which is great if you like 90's r n b and hip hop, like I do. After a few drinks he told us that he's basically a Thai drug lord and the police get their guns through him and soldiers carry heroin into Thailand for him. He took a liking to us and took us to the next bar and after a few to many drinks and slightly scared by the weapons in the car, we made our way home.  Wether he was telling the truth or not, it was a fun night. We were staying in 'The Pai Circus School' which was brilliant. We originally can one of the little huts and I am quite squeamish with insects so when 1000 ants came out of a plug socket after turning it on, I was out of there. They kindly gave us the next room and all was fine. The waterfalls in Pai are also a must. Also if your up for a little mop-ed trip go to 'The Crack' a farmer woke up one day and the land had just split. Its quite fascinating but you will learn more once your there. The best bit however is the free food. You get free banana chips, roselle juice,jam and nuts. All made right there on the farm. At the end you just pay what you think they deserve, its quite a lovely afternoon out. Ooh and me and my boyfriend got matching tattoos on the ankle, a Buddhist symbol for love,protection and happiness. Cute i know.

Koh Lanta I will just leave you a picture that pretty much sum up what I did there as I mostly just lay on the beautiful beach and ate good food.
I hope you enjoyed, Tehya x

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Hello World

We are two 19 year old girls from London who have had the privilege to travel from a very young age to some of the worlds most beautiful places. We are going to be sharing with you some of our adventures and experiences and hopefully giving you some tips and tricks along the way. From luxury holidays in the Caribbean to living in India as a child and everything in between. We will be sharing with you some of our fondest memories and hopefully give you some giggles along the way. And also give you some inspiration for your next adventure!

Amsterdam '15