Tuesday, 9 February 2016


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India is by far an experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. The food, people and environment are of some other spiritual matter. I grew up there and knew the country like a local. There are so many funny stories I could tell you of the country, but for now I think I should tell you the best places to go and well if you are going to India, Goa must be on top of your to go list. The beaches are so much fun. Crystal clear waters, little straw shacks, lots of hippies and even cows!! Everything there is dirt-cheap and I mean that literally. Some small items wouldn’t even cost you a penny. There are food places all over the place so make sure to try Goan Fish curry and Goan Prawn curry, these two are by far the best curries that I have ever eaten in my life. The fish curry doesn’t look like a curry you have ever seen before as they have delicious fresh fish coated in Indian butter/oil and fried with white rice, chutney to make beautiful tasting curry.
The markets in Goa are so much fun because they are full of energy and craziness. One of the main and most known markets is called Mapsa Market and it is a must if you ever go to Goa. They sell everything from animals such as dogs, cats, bunnies, etc… to live stock like chickens to very fresh fish (alive) to toys, teddy bears, books, vegetables, electronics, beauty products, shoes, cloths, alcohol, cigarettes and cigars. Its a very interesting place.
Goa is full of beautiful architecture as it was colonised by the Portuguese. You should make sure to go visit some of their churches. Also get yourself down to some of Goa’s local beach parties and raves, if your into that kind of stuff. They are pumping with expats and hippies, but alot of fun.
Life in India is something else, the poverty in the cities is devastating as you see young children carrying babies begging for your money looking completely filthy, helpless and out of it. It makes you realise how lucky you really are. 

The Indian’s worship cows as they are seen as a God, therefore if you are seen or heard of killing a cow you will be sentenced to a 20 year prison sentence in some of the worlds most horrible prisons. The taxi’s in India are known as ambassadors and are big white old-fashioned English cars. They are such great cars to be driving around India in and you feel somewhat stylish. There is a small city in India that was colonised by the French and now looks like a mini version of Paris with little bakery shops on every corner and a river running through it, people there seem to ride bicycles everywhere, however it is still as polluted as the rest of India, funnily enough. Pondicherry it is called and it also has a great Osho centre (Indian spiritualist).You can get an Ambassador straight up to a very wonderful area called Tiru-vanamali to escape the big, bustling city which is famous for its spiritualism and temples. that should be visited along with brilliant horse riding ranches if you are interested in horse riding.
India is known for its well known medical care so if you ever have any health problems you know where to go and that you will be in good hands. Bangalore has one of the best hospitals in India. 
Me as a child in India.

I hope I have inspired you to book a flight and go on your own adventure,


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